Vocal Majority Releases On That Day Feature Video

The Vocal Majority is proud to release On That Day, a feature video that captures the never-before-shown, private domain of the intense preparation, and jubilant celebration, of winning the 2014 Barbershop Harmony Society international chorus competition.

Greg Clancy, Musical Director of Vocal Majority, narrates the video. As the story of that contest day unfolds, it’s apparent that the Vocal Majority is about family, changing lives, love and friendship.

“At the international convention we are competitors,” said Clancy. “Everybody wants to win or do better than they did the year before, but it’s about more than that. It’s about a brotherhood. Barbershopping brings us together as brothers and people that harmonize, sing together, and develop lifelong friendships.”

On That Day is a culmination of months of preparation, leading up to the International Chorus Contest where behind-the-scenes interviews and recordings were made of Vocal Majority coaches, including Erin Howden, Tony DeRosa, Jim Henry and David Wright.

“It was our vision to create a series of videos so these gold medal moments could be preserved,” said Gary Hennerberg, the Vocal Majority’s Vice-President of Marketing and the Producer of On That Day

Another video project produced by the Vocal Majority marketing team was Why We Sing. It features some 140 Vocal Majority members who, in in rapid-fire succession, deliver a message that illustrates how we collectively come together as one voice.

Collaborating with Hennerberg was his long-time business colleague Perry Alexander, who was instrumental in telling Vocal Majority’s story. He was responsible for editing all of the videos in the series. Footage for the videos was captured by cinematographer Andy Whalen, with production assistance from Amy Whalen.