I’m the Music Man

From our Swan Song set at the Barbershop Harmony Society convention, we present “I’m the Music Man.”

The Lost Chord

Our performance of "The Lost Chord," accompanied by the massive pipe organ at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. We hope you will listen closely to these inspiring lyrics.


Fifty years ago, on Sep. 26, 1969, “Abbey Road” was released by The Beatles. On that album was the debut of “Something." Now, 50 years later, Vocal Majority is delighted to release a video of our performance of “Something.”

This video was recorded in July at the Barbershop Harmony Society convention in Salt Lake City during our Swan Song performance. Vocal soloist is David Webb, and guitar solo by Clint Blalock.

With thanks to BHS for coordinating the release of this video, we present “Something” on its Golden Anniversary.

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