CBS News video: “Barbershop: A Harmonious Passion”

Vocal Majority was part of the April 29 CBS Sunday Morning segment filmed last July in Las Vegas. At about 1:45 you'll see us sharing the risers with the Ambassadors of Harmony rehearsing for the Saturday Night Spectacular. The host of this segment, CBS's Barry Petersen, says in the wrap-up that, "In these polarized times, who couldn't use a little more harmony?" We agree and hope you enjoy watching this feature! Here’s the CBS News page it appeared on.

"The Ones For Texas" Interview

CBS 11 produced a heartfelt interview with Jim Clancy and Greg Clancy, as they captured the spirit of Vocal Majority on "The Ones For Texas."

As Greg said, "There’s not enough harmony in the world. And when you put harmony out in the world and people know that it’s genuine, they react to it and they’re touched by it.”

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