The 2014 to the Gold…

…is paved with love and friendship. Along the way, it has touched countless lives with passion and music. It’s about family and living as a brotherhood of men, driven to be the very best they can be, and achieving gold!

This is the story of how 158 men, all volunteers devoted to a high standard of performance and Barbershop chorus singing mastery, prepared for, and reclaimed, the pinnacle of the Barbershop chorus singing world.

Their year-round commitment demands weekly, 4.5-hour rehearsals and many public performances, but in the weeks leading up to the Barbershop Harmony Society’s 2014 International Contest, the rehearsal pace was stepped up to two a week, with extra rehearsals for the guys in the front row and lead section.

Then, on that day, July 4, 2014, thirty-one choruses from four nations gathered in Las Vegas, all bringing their very best. In front of a crowd of nearly 7,000 cheering fans at the famed Garden Arena in the MGM Grand Hotel, the men of the Vocal Majority delivered a stunning eight-minute display of music and athletic choreography mastery, and took home the Gold. On that Independence Day, what happened in Las Vegas, exploded in Las Vegas!

Why We Sing Video

You’ll hear from us, one-by-one in rapid-fire motion, with all of the VM men coming together as one voice.

The message is one of the love and friendship that we, as individuals, feel as brothers in the Barbershop Harmony Society before we headed to the International Competition on July 4, 2014. We hope you enjoy it, and share it with your family and friends.

On That Day

The ultimate VM “behind the curtain” video feature!

Greg Clancy, VM's musical director, narrates and gives you glimpse into the massive contest preparation. It begins months in advance, with guidance from international music coaches, performance coaches and, of course, his renowned dad, Jim Clancy.

Greg takes you into the never-before-shown, private domain of the intense, day-long, pre-performance pipeline. Share the anticipation as the men file onto the stage, and give their all for the ultimate Barbershop chorus goal.

Gold medal performance highlights and the joyful victory celebration follow, concluding with a touching rendition of a special song, dedicated to all the wives, sweethearts, and loved ones who each gave up time with their loving man, so that he might, with his brothers, reach for this golden moment, on that day.

Contest Day Slideshow 

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