Vocal Majority Performs with TCU Frog Corps

Vocal Majority was invited to perform with the Texas Christian University (TCU) Frog Corps on April 27, 2015, in Fort Worth.

The TCU Frog Corps is made up of 70 TCU students, all young men. Their mission is to establish a strong ethic of college pride and tradition in the hearts of the hearts of the student body of Texas Christian University and establish the Frog Corps as an outstanding men's choral program.

Established just four years ago by Director Brad White, the group is mostly non-music majors who get together for the joy of singing (sounds familiar, doesn’t it!).

They are an outstanding choir, and we hope someday as these young men graduate and move about the country that they will seek out a Barbershop Chorus where they will sing for life.

Here is a video of both Vocal Majority and the TCU Frogs Corps performing “With a Song in My Heart.”