Letter of Appreciation from The Compassionate Friends

I wanted to thank all of you again for performing at the The Compassionate Friends National Conference.

Please pass along my sincere appreciation for the fabulous performance. I have to let you know that those standing ovations just do not happen with our folks, so to receive two extended ones is very high praise indeed! Some of the comments I received afterward:

  • Awesome! 
  • Amazing! 
  • I knew it would be good, but that was over the top great!
  • Loved "Yellow Rose" so much and they were so great, we actually moved closer to the front! (Former BOD Pres. Patrick O'Donnell and wife Janet)
  • From the director of Love in Motion Signing Choir BJ Jensen—Top drawer!
  • Simply the best!
  • From our former Special Events Coordinator—When you asked about having them I thought they would be good, but this was wonderful!
  • WORLD CLASS entertainment!

And my favorite quote of all was posted as a comment on your own website from one of our attendees:

So hard to put into words the gift you gave us last night. My husband, Doug, and I are attending the Compassionate Friends Conference. The beauty of your voices and so much positive energy was soul restoring. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Did you catch that? SOUL RESTORING… exactly our hope for the conference!

Thank you a million times for gifting us with your voices, your enthusiasm, and your smiles! Please give our love and thanks to all, and we look forward to seeing the Christmas show!

Joan Campbell
2015 TCF National Conference Co-Chair