A Gold Medal Weekend to Honor Ron Chapman

Ron Chapman made the Vocal Majority famous. As the chorus has enjoyed countless Gold Medal moments during its history, VM would like to celebrate and honor Ron by declaring this the Ron Chapman Gold Medal Weekend during our Spring Shows, April 13 and 14, 2019.

Ron first heard VM in the early 1970s, during a Good-Time Music Show at Windmill Dinner Theater. The sound of the chorus grabbed him, but it was more than that. Ron quickly realized that Vocal Majority performers were not professionals…they were all volunteers, who sang purely for the love of singing.

Ron promoted Vocal Majority for decades on his legendary morning show at the wildly popular KVIL radio station. Later in his career, he took his love for VM with him to 98.7 K-LUV, where he retired in 2005.

In the 1980s, Ron was instrumental in the decision to include Vocal Majority Christmas songs on the KVIL Christmas albums.

Ron always admired the sound of the chorus, but often wondered what it would be like to back VM with a full-orchestra. Through Ron’s visionary efforts as Executive Producer, The Vocal Majority with Strings debuted as the number one selling CD in DFW during the summer of 1998. He personally chose the twelve classic songs for that recording and worked hand-in-hand with Jim Clancy and Tom Merriman, who wrote the vocal and orchestral charts.

In 2004, Ron was the Executive Producer of The Vocal Majority with Strings, Vol. II. Like the first album, it included a full orchestra, but it featured classic songs from the 60s and 70s. For both “strings” CDs, Ron was instrumental in every aspect, including financially supporting the releases himself.

Vocal Majority is eternally grateful for Ron’s support over the decades. Through his efforts, North Texans have come to know and love the sound of Vocal Majority, just as Ron did decades ago. VM would not have the name recognition it enjoys today without Ron’s relentless promotion through the years.

In recognition of his friendship, loyalty, never-ending and unwavering support of the Vocal Majority, the Men of VM are forever grateful to Ron and declare this Ron Chapman’s Gold Medal Weekend.