VM Fireworks Tonight in Las Vegas!

Since our last Gold Medal performance at the International Chorus Contest, we’ve been singing, working, honing our game for this night, when we sing for the gold, once again. We return in anticipation of a great day and evening of 31 performances by barbershop choruses from across America and around the world on this Fourth of July in Las Vegas.

The 158 men of the Vocal Majority Chorus, directed by Greg Clancy, are prepared, excited, and poised to deliver the performance of our lives and bring the gold back home to Texas.

For the first time, Jim and Judy Clancy will be among the thousands of barbershop harmony fans in the audience at the MGM Grand, as we take the stage at about 4:48 pm PDT (6:48 pm in Dallas). Results will be tabulated and announced later this evening, after the last chorus has performed (concluding at 8:30 pm).

If you'd like to see all the International Chorus Finalists in a live Webcast, you can register here: http://bhswebcast.com

Or, follow along with our live Twitter feed on our Web page, here.

So, think positive thoughts, and cheer us on, tonight, July 4, 2014. We sing it all for you!